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Slushy Maker Portable Travel Ice Cup Homemade Freeze Drinks Cup

Slushy Maker Portable Travel Ice Cup Homemade Freeze Drinks Cup

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1. Easy to use: Creative smoothie making cup can be completed in a few seconds. No ice, no blender, no mess! Just freeze, squeeze, and you can enjoy a refreshing summer snack.

2. Reusable: After each use, just wash and refreeze to prepare for the next party.

3. This smoothie cup uses food-grade silicone material, which is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. The inner tank is made of food-grade TPU material, which is not easy to leak, please rest assured to use.

4. Product size: height 20.6cm* cup diameter 10.6cm/8.11*4.17 inches, there are four colors to choose from.

5. The perfect gift: milkshake smoothie pot cup, ice cream mold, popsicle pot cup, ice cream scoop, ice cream homemade pot, very suitable for children.


Put the smoothie cup into the freezer layer of the refrigerator for about 3 hours (freezing time varies with different refrigerator freezer temperature settings), import a variety of your favorite beverages, please stir gently often, it is recommended to stir along the wall of the cup To achieve the best smoothie effect, the smoothie will appear after 1-2 minutes.


Material: Silicone + TPU

Size: Height 20.6cm*cup diameter 10.6cm/8.11*4.17 inches

Color: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red

Capacity: 301-400ml

Package included:

1*Smoothie Cup


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